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About Us

Who We Are

Xerveo is a health, wellness and nutrition company dedicated to marketing our products in the network marketing or direct sales channel.

Xerveo was founded in 2012, and was acquired by Argo Keshishyan in 2015. Since its acquisition, the company has expanded its product offering, and seen growth in the United States and abroad.

Xerveo is headquartered in Salt Lake City Utah, and also has leadership and corporate staff in Los Angeles California.

A Letter from the CEO

Argo Keshishyan

Hello, and let me begin by welcoming you to Xerveo. I thank you for taking the time to get to know Xerveo, and what it stands for. I would like to share with you a quick back story of how Xerveo came to be what it is today.

Xerveo is a company where any individual from any walk of life can come to, to create a life of true success for themselves. What does true success mean to us here at Xerveo? True success for us is inner growth, inner happiness and inner gratification. And how does one attain that? By making a difference in another’s life… Success is not something that is attained with how much financial gain an individual can accomplish. Success is attained when an individual can be able to make a difference in another person’s life. THAT is true greatness…

The ability to make a difference in another being’s life is truly what Xerveo stands for and it is the core purpose of the existence of this company. Why? It is always one of the most fulfilling moments in my life to share the reason why… I ventured into life from humble beginnings and with determination and much hard work and I was rewarded with many blessings. I had all the things that one usually wishes for, yet with all of the “success” I had, I still felt a void of some kind deep within me. I searched to know what that void was, because I thought if I have financial success and all the material comforts that one usually wishes for then what is it that I am missing? My search led me to meditations which led me to take part in some feedings at my local communities. As I began to spend few hours of my week every week, feeding those in need, I felt such immense fulfillment, a kind of fulfillment that I had not felt before. With this new discovered inner fulfillment I experienced, my long felt void was finally gone and I felt joy inside.

I felt such a gratification from helping others and taking my focus from myself and investing it into what I can do for others and how I can be of some service to others, that I thought, “This feels so great that I want others to be able to have this feeling as well,” and so my purpose for Xerveo was born. I made a decision at that moment to make Xerveo the kind of place that anyone can come to, to have the tools that are necessary to make a difference in another’s life and to feel that level of joy that I was able to experience. And so with top of the line health and wellness products we built a platform which enables individuals to use our products and become fit and feel great and at the same time use our products to make a difference in their communities.

We have programs such as “Project 77K” where for every 7lbs of weight lost on Xerveo products we donate 7lbs of food or clothing back to your communities. Then we have our regular feedings we hold in places such as Skidrow, Downtown Los Angeles where Xerveo team members come and experience the joy of giving back and many begin their own acts of giving back in their communities as well as a result of how good it simply feels to help another being. We also have our fundraising programs where churches, schools, little leagues, boy scouts, girl scouts, and any other organization which is in need of raising funds for their organization is able to use the Xerveo fundraising program to do so. As we currently have these tools available, in addition, we constantly work on bringing forth new programs which we as a whole can use to be of service and good help to one another.

Xerveo is for the everyday person, it is a place where the everyday person can come to, to make great things happen! It is in giving that we find true gratification and it is in the number lives we can touch and the amount of people we can be of service to that we find true success!

Welcome to Xerveo, where our purpose is to bring purpose to another’s life!

Our Goals


With an approach to healthy living, we provide high quality products, and sell them to customers at a high value.


Provide a sales/business opportunity for those who chose to become distributors of our products which is transparent and realistic.

Xerveo Cares.

To give back to communities around the world, via charities, feeding programs and other philanthropic endeavors.

Our Special Team

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Jenna Johnson

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Mark Ross

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Maria Jones

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Chris Clark

Chief Product Officer and Formulator

Chris holds a degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Nutrition and is a nutritionist. He has taken several other courses and earned certificates in Herbalism and Pharmacognosy (The study of nutritional and medicinal properties in plants). He has done this for his own personal desire to know all he can about nutrition, and substances in this world that can aid in bettering human health. Chris has consistently shown a strong ability to shape the outlook of many of the companies he's been with. Through his attention to detail and unwavering expectation of quality when it comes to ingredient procurement, formulating, branding and marketing nutritional supplements, he climbed the ranks at a young age proving his value as an in industry executive by the age of 25. He has over 10 years of experience the nutrition industry in various different executive level roles and has a deep passion for helping people change their lives through nutrition and nutrition based products. He resides in Utah with his wife and four children.

Michael Marumoto

Vice President of Field Relations

Mike started in network marketing at the early age of 19. His success did not reach its peak until he found a coach and mentor in this industry, which then inspired him to help others understand the fundamentals of network marketing. His passion of leading others in building a true residual income has stemmed from his own personal experience. In 2006, he seized the opportunity to become a corporate trainer and was able to work with multimillion dollar companies and million dollar earners. His expertise in Product, Compensation, and Motivational training has gainfully helped drive new companies, emerging leaders and affiliates to long-lasting success. He was attracted to Xerveo because of their superior products, training systems and the high integrity that Xerveo lives by. As a sought-after speaker and trainer, he has been nicknamed ``The Samurai`` in the network marketing industry for his ability to train people reach their fullest potential and motivate them to achieve their dreams. “With the right culture and the willingness to win, anyone can overcome themselves to become great.”