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Distributor Rights

Because we value our Distributors and know they are the heart of our company, we believe all Distributors should have rights which will empower them. We at XERVÉO are committed to you because we believe our Distributors and Customers are what makes a company great and every single person should be treated equally and with respect.

Distributor Rights:

  • You have the opportunity to participate in our simple but powerful compensation plan, the Xervéo Financial Freedom Plan™, which maximizes your income potential.
  • You have the right to discuss your opinion with Xervéo regarding any potential changes to the compensation plan BEFORE anything is implemented.
  • Xervéo is obligated to pay you on time.
  • Xervéo will put the distributors and customers first and be respectful to them at all times.
  • You have the right to speak to senior staff any time you want to reach out.
  • You have the opportunity to submit your suggestions on anything, including new products. Xervéo values your opinions and takes all suggestions seriously.
  • You have the right to benefit from bonuses that Xervéo offers.
  • You have the right to discuss with Xervéo any violations of the terms and conditions before any action is taken and Xervéo will work in giving you a second chance to remedy the violation.
  • You have the right to get the best possible training from Xervéo and from other Distributors.
  • Distributors are partners with Xervéo and will be treated that way.
  • Xervéo will do its best to minimize shipping time give our best possible effort to resolving any issues surrounding the products, including but not limited to lost products, refunds, and complaints.