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Who Is The Xerveo Product Line Intended For?

The Xerveo Product line was formulated and intended for use by adults 18 and older. It is our recommendation that anyone starting use of nutritional supplements see their primary care physician.*

What Type Of Results Can I Expect Using The Xerveo Products?

While we make no claim or guarantee in regard to specific results, we do have testimonials from customers who have attributed their success in many aspects of health and wellness.  This may include weight loss, and better overall health.  Again, we as a company do not claim, or guarantee that our products will work for specific individuals. This is why taking the products is so important.  Take the product, and share your own personal experience, as sharing your own experiences is in no way out of compliance with FDA regulations. Therefore, when sharing products you may say things like: “We can’t guarantee that the products work, but for me personally, I’ve lost a lot of weight and changed my health with the help of these products”.   Ensure, that you always tie the product back into your personal stories and experience using the products. *

How Do I Get Fast Weight-Loss Results Using The Xerveo Products?

Cleanse, Protect, Digest-all and Vivify are all products we recommend to anyone regardless of their current weight, as they have been formulated to help people in regard to their general wellness.*

How Long Has Xerveo Been In Business?

The Xerveo Name has been in use as a network marketing company for 5 years. It was acquired by Argo Keshishyan in 2014, and Mr. Keshishyan took over as President and CEO in June of 2015. It has seen steady growth.

How Many Active Distributors Does Xerveo Currently Have?

Xerveo currently has roughly 3000 distributors and counting.

How Much Money Do People Make On Average With Xerveo?

The primary purpose of Xervéo as a company is to sell nutritional supplements, health products, and other goods of high value and fair price to people using network marketing it’s distribution channel (you all) to the end user (customers). i.e. the Direct sales model. In other words, we aren’t here to sell to stores, and distributors are not strictly speaking allowed to sell to stores. Our products do not include barcodes which 90% of retailers need to inventory and sell a product. It is important to understand that as distributor of the Xervéo product line you (your personal website) are the store-or point of sale for people interested in using the Xervéo products. As such you as distributors are entitled to any income earned based on our compensation plan structure. When you think of it this way, you understand why some “stores” make more money than others. There are many factors such as time, effort, and marketing efforts that go into one’s success, and why the level of potential success in our company is varied. You as a distributor should never use potential success, or money as a tool to recruit other distributors. If you are investigating or considering joining as a distributor it goes without saying, based on our compensation plan that it is possible to make a generous income with Xervéo based on the amount of effort you are willing to put into your personal business. Again there are no commission caps, and you are therefore limited only by how much you’re willing to work, and close sales. Although recruiting is an important part to obtaining success with Xervéo, your reasons for sharing, and one’s reason for joining should be product driven. Other things you may NOT do when talking about compensation:

  • Show physical cash
  • Show screenshots of payments received from the company.
  • State that you consistently make X amount of dollars per month.
  • Tell people they can or will make X amount of money in Xervéo.
  • Bottom line, lead with the product, stick to the compensation plan, and share when you advance rank and earn the corresponding bonus associated with that rank.

Can I Make Print My Own Marketing Materials Or Videos?

Marketing is an important part of any business, this is why we have invested in different resources to help you grow your Xervéo business.

Printed Materials: For printed and physical materials such as shirts, mugs business cards, or other physical items carrying the Xervéo likeness logo, or brands(Café LaVie, FitChix, Warrior X)  all items must be purchased from From here you can purchase approved marketing materials-many of these items can be customized with your name, phone number email address and other helpful information.  Designing and printing your own marketing materials, such as business cards, data sheets or another materials is strictly prohibited.  Again you may NOT design or print any of these types of materials on your own.

Digital/Video Materials: Any digital materials you would like to use for social media and other related outlets should first, only be created using assets and imagery downloadable from your Xervéo back office, and then must be submitted to for approval.  Note. Xervéo corporate will be working over the following months to create and provide downloadable digital marketing materials for your use to make this process easier.  Video materials shared should not be created on your own.  Xervéo has a plethora of videos that can be shared with potential customers or individuals interested in joining as distributors.  If you do create a video, or testimonial, please submit it to first for approval.

Websites: Your main business hub for all Xervéo sales and activity should be your distributor site. ex.  Some distributors may market their site by creating landing pages that can be marketed using different online methods such as google AdWords etc.  Should you create your own landing page, the following must apply:

  • The Xervéo name cannot appear in the url.  For example you cannot purchase any website address using the Xervéo business name whatsoever.  ex., etc.
  • All content within the website, must be related to products first, and then may be tied back to the opportunity.
  • The website should be minimal and should link directly back to your Xervéo website.

Email: Any email address you use to communicate for your business may NOT use the Xervéo name or associated brands.  ex. or any other variation.

Use of the Xervéo Logo and correlating brands: Over the years there have been various versions of the Xervéo Logo. In an effort to ensure uniformity and professionally of our brands, the only Logo that may be used is our updated company logo as seen at the top of this message. Any other logo is prohibited for use.  Note: We realize that some of our branded products still have old versions of our logo on them.  This will be updated and changed as our brands continue to evolve and change.

How Is Xerveo Different From Other Network Marketing Companies?

Xerveo’s primary objective as a company is to give back to communities. Apart from selling nutritional products that we hope change lives and help people we use a generous portion of our revenues to give back to charities, and organizations around the globe. This represents a stark contrast to most network marketing companies who are profit generating machines designed to push money to the top of a pyramid.