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We live in a time of modern miracles. The advancement of technology, medicine and other human innovations seem to know no bounds. With this knowledge, it becomes ironic and frightening to think that despite these advancements, humans are now fighting chronic and obesity related diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic fatigue, auto Immune issues, digestive issues and other ailments at alarming rates. In fact, Globally obesity rates have more than doubled since 1980. In 1980, 4.8 percent of men and 7.9 percent of women were obese. Those percentages jumped to 9.8 percent of men and 13.8 percent of women in 2008. This number has continued to rise consistently. When broken down by country; and specifically regarding the united states it equates to a staggering 40 percent of women, and 35.5 percent of men are now obese and have a diagnosed obesity related disease and are being medicated. Think about that for a moment. In 36 years obesity has doubled, and rates suggest it will continue increasing with time. At the current rate over 50% Americans will be considered Obese in the next 10 years. Something has to be done.

This is one of the reasons we are so excited about what we are seeing at Xerveo. With an approach to healthy living, weight loss, and well-being that encompasses everything from proper supplementation, healthy diet, amazing products that are based in scientific research, overall lifestyle change and a balanced life, it’s no wonder so many people are seeing amazing results physically and financially with Xerveo.

Are You Trying to Find Your Way Out of an Unhealthy Lifestyle?

Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss we look at the bigger picture. It’s not so simple as suggesting one can simply take a product and change everything about themselves. Weight Loss doesn’t work that way and neither does Xerveo. Research suggests that the more balance we can find in our lives the less likely we are to have habits and issues that lead to health issues. We help people achieve this balance, and success in a few different ways. Here are some of the things we are able to do to help people accomplish and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Through effective training, and educating our distributors in the area of health and wellness and helping them to understand the underlying causes behind general health issues such as obesity.
  2. Providing highly valuable research based effective nutritional products that can jumpstart a persons journey to health and wellness.
  3. Providing an easy to follow plan using nutritional supplements, encouraging lifestyle changes such as increased exercise, diet change etc., and encouraging our distributors and those they work with to hold each other accountable.
  4. Providing incredible business and financial mentorship to then show distributors and potential distributors how to leverage these lifestyle changes, products and other positives in to an amazing financial opportunity.

When people come in adhere to this system, it adds a balancing effect to their overall lives, which we feel is part of the reason many of our distributors, and those using our products as retail customers see such amazing results when it comes to weight loss and better overall health.

Xerveo Can Help You Stay Active and Be At The Top of Your Game.


Regarding nutrition our philosophy therein, we look at things very simply. We follow a few fundamental rules and let the products speak for themselves.

  1. We create nutritional products that are based in real scientific research. Our Chief Product Officer and Formulator requires that every ingredient that goes into our supplements have at least one clinical study and evidence showing efficacy. Furthermore, it is also required and that whatever ingredient is used and touted as the main ingredient in a product has had long holistic and traditional use within the indigenous place of its origin. In other words, we look at the historical use of a product, and then back that historical use up with real research. We then properly dose those ingredients based on what the science suggests is necessary for success.
  2. We avoid the kitchen sink, or “hype” ingredient approach. With what is already a stringent requirement for quality and research in each ingredient we use in our products, it makes finding ingredients that we really believe in and want to sell to the public difficult. This is why you don’t see us jam packing our products full of 20 different ingredients. We don’t need to take a shot in the dark. We put a lot of effort into knowing what science suggests works, and new ingredients are going to have to come to the table with a lot of convincing power if we are going to consider using them.
  3. We create and provide realistic expectations and training. We never over promise or suggest that our products are simple “take this and fix all of your issues with no effort”. This approach is the achilles heel of the network marketing industry. There are no fix all, magic products out there and we understand as a company that this is simply not how nutrition works. As we’ve stated before, if you take our products, we’re always going to tell you upfront that changing your health is a process and you can’t do it just by taking one product. That’s why the Xerveo products go hand in hand with the Xerveo Lifestyle-which is one that encompasses healthy choices in everything you do, not just the products you take. We truly believe that one good habit can’t erase 10 bad ones and is the reason we love guiding our distributors and customers in all areas of health and wellness.