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Xerveo Cares

On a single night in January 2015, 564.708 people were experiencing homelessness – meaning they were sleeping outside or in an emergency shelter or transitional housing program.

Why Does Xervéo Care?

And why is Giving Back such an important mission for the CEO of Xervéo?

Xervéo is a revolutionary network marketing company which has been given life primarily for the purpose of enriching the lives of people from all walks of life and on all levels. Aside from its unique products and exceptional business opportunity which many benefit from, Xervéo has built a foundation and a solid ground for anyone whose desire is to strive in life, and whose passion is to Give Back and touch the lives of others. This strong sense and mission of Giving Back comes from the CEO of Xervéo himself, as he realizes that true inner success is not dependent on the “Making of Money” but that it is dependent on the ability one has to Impact the Life of Another Being and to be able to “Put a Smile” on another beings face.

This element of Giving Back is so significant and essential for the CEO of Xervéo that he has put in place tools through which any individual, who shares his passion of Giving Back, can also have the resources to instill goodness into their communities and enrich as many lives as possible. One never knows what kind of a ripple effect of goodness one will create in another beings life with a single act of kindness caring and compassion. Hence here at Xervéo, we aim to give as much goodness to those who are in need of it so that we may create as many Ripples of Goodness in this life as possible.

And so Xervéo has these programs for those who are passionate about them…

Xervéo’s “Xervéo on Skidrow” where Xervéo’s own CEO hosts feedings for the homeless right in the heart of DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles) at Skidrow. He personally prepares meals behind the grill, serves meals and has an occasional sit-down with the community. And just recently, as he is a vegetarian and an active “Juicer,” he has begun Juicing fruits and vegetables at these feedings where the community indulges in freshly squeezed decadent fruits and vegetables, “ A rare and refreshing commodity in the streets of Skidrow”, as the community so delightfully shares. This feeding program started as a monthly feeding for those in need but has escalated to a semimonthly feeding and it is the CEO’s deepest desire and more importantly, active goal, to turn this feeding program into a “100 Feedings a Month” Blessing all over the States, and he is very close to manifesting this deep desire.

Xervéo’s “Furry Friends” programs where Xervéo donates food and dog collars to our furry friends who reside on the streets of the communities with their care takers. As Xervéo’s CEO is a vegetarian and an animal advocate, he has great compassion for our furry friends and makes an effort to tend to the little guys in any way possible. It would also be significant to mention that Xervéo products are either vegan or vegetarian. Xervéo is an all vegan friendly company.

Xervéo’s “Project 77K” where as a company whose primary goal is to better people's lives on all levels, for every 7lbs anyone loses on Xervéo products, Xervéo donates 7lbs of Food or Clothing to those in need within your community... In only less than a year, Xerveo has already donated more than 80,000 lbs in return for weight lost and the number continues to grow daily… We couldn’t be happier!

Xervéo’s “The Heart of Xervéo” where Xervéo donates food and clothing to orphanages all across the globe. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing smiles on the faces of innocent children who are always so full of love and joy even with the troubles of life they face daily. It gives us great joy and we feel truly blessed to have the ability to impact and perhaps even inspire the life of a child all the way on the other side of the globe.

Xervéo’s Fundraising Program… There are many churches, schools, boy scouts, girl scouts, and many other organizations that are always in search of ways to raise funds for their organizations and non- profits. So we created a platform which makes it possible for any organization to connect and get involved with their communities through our Fundraisers. And furthermore, Xervéo’s CEO has extended his passion of giving back and created an additional program where for every pound that a Fundraising Organization loses as a part of our weight loss challenge, Xervéo donates one pound of food to feed their community, wherever they may be located. As any organization utilizes our fundraising program and loses weight with our products, Xervéo matches each pound lost with a pound of food to those in need.

Xervéo’s mission was to create a company where everyday people can come and actually dream big and make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others, and Xervéo has succeeded in with that mission because people don’t come to Xervéo for the opportunity to make money, they come for the HEART of Xervéo…

Would You Like to Take Part in Giving Back to the Community?

Clothing/Food Drives

Furry Friends Program

Global Cares

Environmental Cares